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Similar artists to Unease are synth acts like Depeche Mode, New Order and alternative rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails but also more laid back bands like Coldplay, Kent and Radiohead.
Unease is an alternative rock duo based in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. The music may be described as moody rock spiced up with electronics and the songs enter many different genres: alternative rock, darkwave, industrial, electronica and grunge to mention a few.


smallville News:Warner Bros. played the Unease song Last Page in their Smallville TV show, episode 7.12 "Fracture" (airdate 02/14/08).
Pictures in Mind New song: Pictures in Mind turns the sweet and nostalgic memories of a relation into pain of a lost. A soft and very melancholic, yet melodic song.
PAiA 9700S

Equipment: PAiA 9700S
Monophonic modular all analog synthesizer (DIY),
built from kit by Tommy