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When the doubts are coming
Walk the pleasant path
of routine
Fire the veins to courage
A green flavour of
hidden dreams

Tasting the Green Fairy myth
An emerald sip of seduction
Lie with the lady of oblivion
Absence of mental obstruction

La Closerie de Lilas
has an offer
Loss of control,
excitement coming soon
Inspiration to create
a masterpiece
Torn with a silver spoon

Instant entertainment shuttle
Occupation of an aching mind
Hollowed like an empty bottle
Can’t abstain, miserably blind
Stressed by a demanding life
The easy way,
escape from it all
Absorbed in a useless
waste of time
Absolute denial of the
lack of control

Caught by the green cabaret
Spinning market performance
Getting spilled to build
Someone’s abundance

It doesn’t take a drug
to hollow a life
Down the abyss,
life seems abstruse
More than many pits to fall in
Social dysfunction
out of abuse

Music:Tommy Falk
Words: Patrik Lark