Casio CZ-101

Casio CZ-101

Demo samples (192kbps MP3)

Depp_bass 1

Depp_bass 2


Fairy tale bells



Ringmod FX

Casio CZ-101

The Casio CZ-101 is a digital synthesizer using phase distortion synthesis which sounds similar to the Yamaha DX series. The CZ-101 is very small and equipped with a mini-keyboard making it look like a toy. That is probably a great part of the reason why this machine is so under estimated. Another reason might be the very plastic sounding presets; you can hardly fail to make better sounds yourself! It is an 8 voices machine if you only use one of the two oscillators. In reality however it needs two oscillators to sound descent, why this synth should be considered as a 4 voices machine. There are some really strong points to the 101, in particular the six 8-stage envelope sections (three for each oscillator)! Those could achieve some extensive modulation. The 8-stage envelope opens up for pseudo-delay or some really wicked effects. Other strong points are 4 monophonic multitimbral parts (rare at the mid 80's) and ring modulation. There is also 4 types of vibratos in the LFO section (triangle, square, ramp up and down), built-in noise unit, portamento and MIDI. The 101 comes with a pitch bend wheel but lacks a modulation wheel as well as velocity and after touch. It does bell sounds very crisp and clear, percussive and even base sounds are not bad at all.

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