MFB-synth II

MFB-synth II back

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MFB-synth II
A brand new German analogue monophonic synthesizer with three VCOs, Moogish filter, an integrated step sequencer, MIDI and patch memory for less than you get an old Moog Prodigy for! A nice little retro module for that sought after vintage sound. The step sequencer also transpose to keyboard, very useful, indeed.

Read our review and listen to our mp3 sound samples.

- 3 VCO (sawtooth, square, triangle)
- Sync (VCO1)
- PWM (VCO3)
- 2 envelope generators (ADSR for VCF and VCA)
- 24 dB/octave low pass VCF (self-oscillate)
- 2 LFOs (sawtooth, square, triangle, random)
- 2 digital ringmodulators (VCO1+2 and VCO2+3)
- Audio In
- Audio Mixer (between VCO and audio input)
- Noise source
- Step sequencer of 32 step, 25 sequences
- 50 presets and 49 user memories
- MIDI input/output (respond to incoming velocity data)
- External Midi synchronisation (Clock, Start/Stop MIDI commands)
- CV/Gate Input
- Pitchbend and modulation wheel supported

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