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His disarming smile and convincing ways
really sparked an urge in her
So easy for a calculating mind
to mislead a searcher

Answers for everything and slanted views
Solutions of an incomplete equation
He filled her with a sense of
a clear direction
but left no room for contemplation

Ready to sacrifice
anything for true belief
After all these years of
searching for some kind of mental relief

Keep your dream alive!
Although it’s all a lie!

But her hands had never
felt as strong as when doing what he wants
Her mind had never felt
as clear as when thinking
his thoughts

Building up a wall of hollow faith to hide away
her weakness
In their little isolated world
disbelief was treated
like an illness

Although a feeling of mistrust was crawling down below
at times
She followed all his dogmas
even when committing
obvious crimes

Music & words: Tommy Falk