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awarded by Hans Anderson


Equipment: Pentium 133, Shure SM-87, unspecified four-channel tape recorder Instruments: Ensoniq ASR-10, Casio CZ-101, Falcon Stratocaster, SansAmp Classic

"Crab" (now Unease) is not a band, but rather a project. Just for your information. It's been a while since I saw this once so popular term in a Bandspaghetti-letter, but when you get to know their work procedures, the word really feels relevant. To make mp3-files of all songs and send them via email from Stockholm to Linköping to burn CDs does feel like a bloody project. However, geographical problems can force the most awkward solutions, and this time it was actually worthwhile. This little demo is not bad at all. Good enough to give the authors a one-year subscription of MM, actually. The project managers are Tommy and Patrik Carlsson, and they are doing some kind of electronic music with grandiose desolate guitars as an extra spice. Landscape-like music with a broad horizon you could say, possibly with Seal and Talk Talk as two influential anchor points. Here are Good dynamics between the quiet and the clamorous, the small and the big, details and broad brush strokes The demo includes three songs. One would want to hear more. The music is album-oriented that needs more than 12-15 minutes of listening to put you in the mood that the authors intended. But with that mastering method and the slow modem connections I can imagine that it takes a while to finish it. One strength of this demo is the guitar. A large, electric sound with lots of open chords and tremolo and whawha as extra spice. The guitar makes pleasant noises, creates a dynamic unease that brings life in a sound that otherwise could have been a bit sterile. The material in itself is maybe not magnificent, but the songs are fully relevant as "vehicles" for the moods that the Carlsson brothers want to create. One weakness - and an important one - is the voice. It's nothing wrong with it, but nothing especially right. It does the job, but a unique voice would have brought the whole thing to new highs. Maybe it's time to bring a third person into the project? Preferably one with access to broadband Internet. Otherwise, all right. No real commercial potential maybe, but nonetheless music that deserves to exist."

Bandspaghetti, MM, Box 4123, SE-400 40 Göteborg, Sweden

Hans Anderson: