14-02-08 The CW (Warner Bros.) played the Unease song Last Page in their Smallville TV show, episode 7.12 "Fracture" (airdate 02/14/08). It could be heard about 13 minutes into the show in a café scene.

The Unease song Beyond the Trivial has also been aired on one of Warner Bros. many TV shows, but it is yet unknown which one.


30-11-07 As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members,the Unease song
Picture in Mind will be featured Track of the Day
For 24 hours on Thursday, the 7th of December, 2007 (PST) "Picture in Mind" will be featured on's Electronic front page.

The address for this page will be:


26-11-07 The Unease song Picture in Mind has been awarded
Best Lyrics
in Alternative Rock
, week of 26 Nov 2007, and
Best Melody
in Alternative Rock



24-09-07 The Unease song Picture in Mind has been awarded
Best Mood
in Alternative Rock
, week of 24 Sep 2007,


03-09-07 Tthe Unease song Misled has been awarded
Best Male
Vocals in Electronic
, week of 3 Sep 2007, and
Most Original in Electronic at


06-09-07 Unease members talk seriously of releasing an album of some kind. Most likely it will contain five of the latest released songs and maybe also some extra instrumentals that will never be released elsewhere. More details to come.


05-09-07 A new soft and melodic song is up. It's called Pictures in Mind and tell the melancholic story of how the most beautiful things also easily turn into the most painfull ones.


02-08-07 As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members,the Unease song Misled will be featured Track of the Day at!
For 24 hours on Thursday, the 9th of August, 2007 (PST) "Misled" will be featured on's Electronic front page.

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30-07-07 Tthe Unease song Misled has been awarded
Best Production
in Electronic
, week of 30 Jul 2007,


31-05-07 Finally the new song is up and running. It's called Absinthe and has a touch of goth metal to it, dark and truly melancholic atmosphere with some heavy riffs. Some might spot some industrial influences too. This is the hardest song written by Unease so far. It lacks control! (More songs are also waiting in line.)


01-08-06 Finally the new song is up and running. It's called Misled and is a piece of electronic rock in 6/4 beat! Both the music and the text is written by Tommy and the text tells a dark story of an unbalanced relation.


RocketFM 01-02-06 Swedish radio station will broadcast the Unease song Train Away on Thursday 2 February, somewhere from noon to 2 p.m. Tune in 95.3 (Stockholm, Sweden) and listen to Unease lined up with acts like Soundtrack of our Lives, Depeche Mode and Iggy Pop.
For those outside the broadcasting area there's also a live link here from their website.


19-10-05 Unease participates on Dark Sonus compilation Vol.1 with the song Beyond the Trivial. Also, Patrik designed the album's artwork, making it even more of an Unease experience. The album contains 18 tracks of diverse electronic/industrial from various artists. Most of the bands are from the US but there are also bands from Canada, Germany, UK and obviously Sweden. The record could be bought for $12.49 at

Read a review from ReGen Magazine


03-08-05 Tommy has made an Unease-remix of Band Jolle's song "The One and Only". It is free to download from Band Jolle's website. Tommy used the Pro-One and the PAiA 9700s extensively and made the song much faster and more electronic than the original version.
Listen to the old school analogue sound.


14-12-04 Wednesday 15th December the Unease song Drowning in Doubts will be played on RetroForward Radio's virtual radio show called Underground. Listen live at the link above from 4PM to 6PM (ET USA GMT-5) Almanso and Ishtar will broadcast live from Argentina.


02-12-03 is down to build a new site with different approach and content. The well known actor CNET is a new owner and will change the scene of, the way we know it. Therefore the Unease songs have been moved to instead. Soundclick is the second largest music site of its kind after and appears to be the logic successor, especially since Vitaminic and IUMA both have come to a halt (still up but not accepting any new material).


23-10-03 Johan Thorsell from the music site Project15 has published a very positive review. He focus on the gloomy lyrics and the superb vocals. Last Page is considered the best song and comparisons are made with bands like the Strokes and Depeche Mode. Go to the review page to read the full review.


05-08-03 Train Away - the new groovy elctro-blues song is released on Unease takes you out on a wild trip around Europe by train. As usual Tommy wrote the song and Patrik the text.
It is the first time we use the Paia 9700s, an analogue modular synth built from kit by Tommy. It's warm fat sound made a perfect match for the bassline to this bluesy song.


26-11-02 The album of Industrial Electronic and Metal featuring Fetish Photography from the International Photographer Larry Bradby and Music from New Jersey to New Zealand, is now available! Unease is represented by the new song Beyond the Trivial. The CD compilation is titled Perversions of Industry and was put together by Spiderbite Studios.


01-09-02 The new song Beyond the Trivial is upp and running. It's an interesting mixture of electronica verses and hi-energy rock chorus which includes some noisy guitars.


16-06-02 Zero Music Magazine gives a warming review of the Unease demo "A Creative Process in Minor".


26-09-01 The new and long awaited song Bloodtide is finally released on the site!


15-06-01 Unease will be played at the Brazilian university radio show Patrulha Do Rock. "We will play 50 min Unease in two programs broadcasted to about 50.000 listeners, and more will be played if our listeners like it", says Rodrigo Parra who runs the show.