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Pictures in Mind

Coloured by the lights
your face looks so new
Strange and magic sparks
come to flicker in your eyes
Different to all my dreams
Not giving me a clue
So unusual and surreal
makes me shiver and cry
I step on your feet
on this crowded dance floor
But you smile

Attacking my senses
obtrusive scent makes a move
I can’t see or breathe,
only feel
So closely tied to sway
Blurring the borders
What’s me and what’s you?
You are so colourful;
everything else turns to grey
Mind in total chaos,
who could ask for more?
As you smile

Your curious touch
turns my veins electrified
And the kiss overwhelms,
Your eyes are like neon
Too intense for my mind
Try swallowing the sky
Fail to capture the moment
until it’s gone
I’m upside down,
don’t know what I roar
But you smile

Pictures in mind
Etched by silent tears
Streaming on the inside
Carving out a stone face
Those moments
could never last the fear
Sudden pain of being replaced
Vivid colours behind
the closed door
was your smile

Music: Tommy Falk
Words: Patrik Lark