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I flow into your lapping
Wheedled to dive your stream
Hinted by subtle sea-marks
Nothing's quite what it seems

Pull my stem,
I'm here to storm you
Blowing then
a whiff to warm you
I dare to spring a leak
Deep water makes me
drift away
Recklessly canting
like a ship that come to stray
I'm tossed on your waves
Drifting away with the tide
I keel over in welter
Having a whale of a time

Coming on white horses
The flow is my fate
Drenched by salty kisses
Your depth lies in wait

Waves intensify their harmony
Wet your whistle,
play the flute
Sea glistens while it slackens
Falling dead
and the wind is mute

Engine is out
and the dipstick dry
Whelmed in wrack
with a funny smile

Music: Tommy Falk
Words: Patrik Lark